About Us

In 2001 Professor Mottram was asked by a major pharmaceutical company to develop a bolus to measure pH in the reticulum. He formed eCow limited in 2007. Since then, dozens of research institutes around the world have relied on the boluses to evaluate their new nutritional products.


In 2020 Toby met Sam Marsden, a young engineer born and raised at his parents’ farm in Northern Ireland. Combining his tech and farming know-how, Sam will be continuing Toby’s legacy as a new entity, Wolfhound Analytics.


Wolfhounds are a historic dog breed from Ireland. They have been guarding Sam’s family and their cattle for many generations.


“My mission is to offer through our technology the same level of protection and loyalty that Wolfhounds offer to their herds. We are doing this by providing the most accessible and accurate insights on rumen science, to farmers and researchers alike.”


Toby remains our in-house expert and trusted advisor. He is way more active than he expected to be in retirement.

Sam & Toby handover.jpeg

Sam Marsden


Sam is a software engineer with a degree in mechanical engineering. He has previously worked for Red Bull’s Formula 1 team, as well as for other high-performance tech companies such as Ocado.

With a passion for cars and motorbikes alike, Sam and his team built a land speed motorbike at university and were part of a Discovery Channel documentary about their journey.


Toby Mottram

Advisor, eBolus inventor

Toby Mottram FREng is the founder of eCow and a prominent figure in the UK agricultural engineering sector. During his career, he has co-invented robotic milking, developed cow breath sampling, in-line milk progesterone analysis and the rumen telemetry bolus.

After Silsoe Research Institute closed in 2005 he continued the development of the pH bolus, eventually producing a commercially viable product which he has sold worldwide through eCow.


Sab Caziuc

Co-founder & CCO

Sab has commercial experience in multinationals (Willis Towers Watson) and tech startups (Yoyo Wallet and EdgePetrol). At EdgePetrol, Sab sold real-time analytics software to the oil industry.

As the first and only salesperson for 2 years, he grew the business in the UK, Ireland and USA from a 3-digit to a 6-digit annual recurring revenue. He is responsible for our sales,